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You sell fine art in California, bringing color and improvement to surrounding communities, we may be able to help you craft a custom insurance solution right for your business. Your insurance needs might include:

Brick and mortar gallery
In our experience one of the top challenges of California galleries to how to properly insure the fine art in the gallery. Different insurance companies employ different kinds of property coverage, have different kinds, amounts, values, and methods. You may also want, need or wish to explore liability coverages in the event a patron slips and falls, workers compensation / otherwise having employees and more.

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"Our Petaluma Insurance Agency broker has been providing excellent fine art insurance coverage to our business, the Sebastopol Gallery, for the better part of a decade. Until meeting him, we had a fair amount of difficulty locating sound solutions. This area of the insurance world is rather tricky, with few companies even offering coverage, and many pitfalls are out there just waiting for the unsuspecting gallerist to fall into.

Our Petaluma Insurance Agency broker's focus and determination to locate a quality package and his familiarity with the field really helped us out. He took the trouble and time to educate us about the importance of the right kind of coverage by explaining why certain issues have greater or lesser importance. He is our insurance translator! We would recommend their services without hesitation."

Sebastopol Gallery

Virtual gallery
You may have a great deal of data, and would benefit from protection from cyber liability, cyber attacks, data breaches, general lability and much more. We can help provide analyses of how vulnerable your client data is, and provide an highly customized insurance solution to help meet your needs.

.... other liability, and more
Assorted liability insurance can help a business that creates, sells, consults regarding, and / or distributes fine art.

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