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Your fine art collection insurance

Your fine art collection insurance

You finally got that Nathan Oliveira you have always wanted for the study, the Jackson Motherwell for the living room and a Zanele Muholi in the grand room. Now, might be a good time to ask is it properly insured. If you live in California, below are a few basic approaches to covering your fine art collection, your coverage options may include:

Home, with fine art collection insurance
Your California homeowners policy may be well designed to cover your side table, your dish ware, your turtleneck sweaters and many other things that are mass produced and sold in bulk, up to policy limits from certain kinds of risk. Your fine art collection may be underinsured due to its value, and complex nature.

Standalone personal fine art collection insurance

Even if your fine art is included in your homeowners policy, you may run into coverage issues, both in type and amount. A homeowners policy may not have adequate coverages for: faulty title, off premises (in transit), mysterious disappearance, damage from flood or earthquake. A standalone fine art policy may address specific issues such as: fraud, heist, natural disaster, restoration, inadequate handling, etc....

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